Meet some of the kids


Isaac and his family were living in the most cramped conditions we have seen, a 3×3 metre single room mud hut by the side of a road.  Prior to his birth his mum and older siblings had lived in the forest but were evicted by the Government and then put on a waiting list for […]

Pavilion Village Children’s Home

Back in 2013 an inspirational visit to the Pavilion Village children’s home in Karatina provided the catalyst for our founders to establish the Gathimba Edwards Foundation. The Pavilion Village was home to 22 children at the time – most of whom had either lost their biological parents due to HIV, been abandoned or abused by […]


We met Peter during our first visit to the Pavilion Village children’s home back in 2013.  He is a polite, personable and ambitious young man who thrived once he was able to attend primary and secondary without fear of being sent home due to a lack of fees.  We are grateful to his sponsor Jonathan […]


Joy is a smiley, polite little girl who loves singing and playing football.  She lives in a very challenging environment in a small mud house with her mum and five siblings.  Prior to receiving GEF support the family would regularly go days without food and Joy had not started primary school despite being past the […]

Cheerful Children’s Home

This incredible place is currently home to 20 children who have a wide range of disabilities.  It is run by a selfless and ever-smiling lady called Margaret who some years back chose to retire early from the teaching profession and dedicate her life to looking after these wonderful children. We are proud to support them […]


Faith and her mum were both born with a genetic condition which resulted in them having no hands or feet.  Despite the challenges her life comes with, Faith never allows her disability to stop her.  She always sprints over to visitors and greets them with a big hug and smile, enjoys playing football, writing and […]

Faith and Ann

Faith and Ann are young, happy and now carefree twins enjoying pre-school.  Despite the many challenges they have faced, Faith and Ann never stop smiling and laughing. When we met them and their family they were living in some of the worst conditions we have seen. Their mum, Tabitha, worked on a coffee farm and […]


Ian, who was born in 2006 moved to Pavillion Village children’s home with his 2 brothers in 2017. They found themselves with no one to take care of them after their Grandmother passed away. The boys had previously been abandoned by their mother who disappeared after taking them to their Grandmother. Sadly, the boys cannot […]


Winlydia was born in 2002 and she lives with her mum and 2 sisters. Sadly, her father ran away 5 years ago when her elder sister was joining high school and he disagreed with his daughters progressing to high school. Her mother, who is a small scale trader selling carrots and onion has been struggling […]


Diana joined the Pavilion Village Children’s home in 2016 with her sister Daisy. Diana and Daisy’s mother is very sick with a brain tumor and has been unable to take care of them or go to work. When the girls came to Pavillion Village they had been out of school for 2 years. Diana is […]


Viki is one of the real characters amongst the children we are supporting in Iten. He was born in June 2000 and is currently at St Peter’s Secondary where his favourite subject is science. Viki loves to dance, play Temple Run on Myles’ phone, eat rice and liver and also run every morning.  He also […]

Our work in Scotland

Neil Jaffrey Initiative Sadly on 7th September 2014 the Gathimba Edwards Foundation lost one of our most loyal supporters in Neil Jaffrey when he was tragically killed whilst cycling in Aberdeen. Neil, more commonly known as 'Eddie', really was one of a kind. He had a unique ability to take an interest in everyone he […]

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