We are always ready and willing to answer any queries you may have but here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does each child only have one sponsor?

In most cases, yes.  We feel the experience of sponsoring a child should be personal therefore your monthly donation is specifically for the child you are supporting.  In a small number of cases, where the child is at university level and pursing a more expensive course, we introduce a second sponsor with the permission of the original sponsor.  The child will then be in contact with both sponsors.

What do I receive as part of the sponsorship?

As a sponsor you will receive regular letters and photos from your sponsored child and updates on their educational progress from our team.  Each sponsor has their own reasons for signing up to support a child but changing the life of a child sure gives our supporters a warm fussy feeling inside.

Can I visit my sponsor child?

Absolutely! We run two trips to Kenya each year for guests travelling from all over the world.  We will organise for sponsors to meet the child they support either at their home or school.

Can I send a gift to my sponsor child?

We encourage sponsors to allow us to shop locally on their behalf.  If you wish to send a gift please contact us with the amount you would like to donate and a member of our team will purchase what the child needs/wants and have it delivered.  The gift can be delivered along with a handwritten letter from the sponsor by emailing a copy of this to our team.  We will send you a photo of your sponsor child receiving their gift.

What can I write about in my letters to my sponsor child?

The art of letter writing has not been lost here, we encourage a hand written letter but also welcome typed letters.  The correspondence between you and your sponsor child creates a special bond.  In the beginning you are writing to a stranger but this quickly turns into a friend for life.  Children like to know more about you, your family and friends, where you live, where that country is, what pets you have, what animals there are in the country, which food and sport you like…any of these is a good place to start!  Please remember children in Kenya are learning English as their second language therefore we suggest writing in short sentences.  Our team will help the children write back and translate when needed.

Can I volunteer?

We offer volunteer trips to Kenya twice a year where people of all ages can get involved, including children when accompanied by an adult.  In Aberdeen, Scotland it is possible to volunteer at our events which include a bi-ennial dinner, Christmas Fayre, running events, quiz nights and more.  If you would like to be added to our volunteer events list please email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org.  For those wishing to volunteer, that reside out with Aberdeenshire or who are unable to travel to Kenya, you can still get involved by holding your own fundraiser for GEF.