Diana joined the Pavilion Village Children’s home in 2016 with her sister Daisy. Diana and Daisy’s mother is very sick with a brain tumor and has been unable to take care of them or go to work.

When the girls came to Pavillion Village they had been out of school for 2 years. Diana is now back in class 1 thanks to sponsors Abi and David Lyall. She loves to play football, athletics and wants to be a teacher.  Since Diana missed 2 years of school she is older than other students in her class, but she is the top achiever! Diana also has a creative streak, she has developed a love of crafts and enjoys helping Agnes at the children’s home to make bags and bracelets, which provide an income for the home. A future business women in the making!

Thank you to David, Abi and Emily for sponsoring Diana and encouraging her to have hope for her future.

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