12 Days 12 Futures

In the twelve days leading up to Christmas we share some powerful words from 12 wonderful children in the hope that we can find a sponsor for each of them.

Since 2015 84 children’s lives have been changed as a result; before this they were faced with challenges such as being out of school, struggling for food and living in extremely impoverished conditions. The ’12 Days 12 Futures’ Campaign and 84 heroes changed that.

Tabitha age 12

Tabitha and her family find themselves in a critical situation; short of food, clothing and with Tabitha and her siblings all either out of school or being sent home regularly due to being unable to afford the cost of fees, uniform and books.   Life became much harder for the family when Tabitha’s dad passed […]

Irene age 14

*Thank you so much to Christopher who has kindly agreed to sponsor Irene* Irene is among the best performing primary school students and a school prefect but faces a future without secondary education. Her teachers adore her and describe Irene as a girl who has an outstanding character, is focused, diligent and a role model […]

Angel age 8

Angel's dreams of becoming a Doctor but until this week she feared that she may not be able to realise it due to regularly being sent home from school due to a lack of fees.  However, thanks to sponsorship from the Mackay family she is now going to be in school full-time and will have […]

Derek age 9

Derek recently moved into a new house built by GEF and now we would love for him to get back into school. He lives with his 2 siblings and their mum, Justina who works very hard to try and ensure the children have food, clothing and are in school but life is a struggle for […]

Damaris age 7

*Big thanks to Anurag who has very kindly offered to sponsor Damaris.* Damaris is described by her teacher as a "hard working and disciplined girl who deserves to be in school full-time". Sadly since Damaris' mum lost her job at a school it has become hard for her to afford her school fees whilst also […]

James age 15

*Asante sana to Sasha and Grace Mae Recruitment for giving James the gift of sponsorship.* Despite scoring impressive marks of 347/500 in his end of primary school exams, James is not able to join secondary school. His mother is currently paying the secondary school fees of his elder sister and can only afford the school […]

Victor age 16

*Huge thanks to the Stone family whose sponsorship will see Victor back in school receiving the education he deserves.* Victor has the grades capable of taking him to university but as it stands he will not be able to complete secondary due to a lack of fees.   He and his siblings are looked after […]

Vivian age 6

*We owe a big thank you to David who is kindly going to be sponsoring Vivian through her education.* Vivian's mum sadly passed away in 2019 as result of kidney failure. She left behind Vivian and her 4 siblings. As there is no adult to look after them it is now up to Vivian’s 2 […]

David age 10

*Thank you very much to John who has kindly offered to sponsor David each month.* David’s house was burned to the ground and his family’s cows were stolen. This left him, his parents and siblings homeless until the local community rallied together to build them a small house. We were able to provide the family […]

Emmanuel age 8

*Thank you so much to Mark and his company seQuoyah who have kindly agreed to sponsor Emmanuel's education.* Emmanuel simply wants to be in school regularly with his friends.   Life has been really hard for him and his siblings since their dad suffered a life altering accident and their mum abandoned them. Emmanuel’s dad […]

Risper age 13

*Thank you to Susan who has very kindly offered to sponsor Risper.* Risper wants to change the world! She has achieved excellent school grades despite regularly being sent home and having started her education late due to a lack of fees. Currently in her second from last year of primary school, she is very worried […]

Angel age 4

*We are delighted to say that a kind family have signed up to sponsor Angel. She will now get the support she needs and start attending school.* Angel is a fascinating and kind little girl who has been blind since birth. She has heightened abilities for someone so young when it comes to hearing, speaking […]

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