Winlydia was born in 2002 and she lives with her mum and 2 sisters. Sadly, her father ran away 5 years ago when her elder sister was joining high school and he disagreed with his daughters progressing to high school.

Her mother, who is a small scale trader selling carrots and onion has been struggling to cater for her and her two sisters. Winlydia and her sisters often try to help their mother to support their family by washing neighbours laundry, this can be very dangerous for young girls at other peoples homes.

Winlydia, her 2 sisters and her mother live in a very small rented studio house, sharing two bunk beds between them. When the older sister is home from boarding school for the holidays, she sleeps on the floor and says she is ashamed to live like that. Winlydia is very good at plaiting hair and often plaits her sisters and neighbours hair. She also enjoys playing football and she wants to become an accountant when she grows up. We first met Winlydia when she came to our office in a very determined fashion requesting support. She rightly believed that she deserved the opportunity of an education.

She is now proudly sponsored by the Lawson family. To support Winlydia’s family you can sponsor her sisters here

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