Psychosocial Support Programme

Our Psychosocial Support Programme is designed to help children and their families maintain a good physical and mental health and provide them with important coping mechanisms to deal with difficult situations.

Psychosocial support addresses a person’s emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs (psychological needs).  Our GEF Social Workers Serah and Janet visit children regularly at home and at school, and their parents at home, to deliver one to one and group counselling sessions.   We are incredibly grateful to both of them for their valuable input.

Seminars have played an important role in supporting and guiding children and their families through life's challenges since the early days of GEF.  Taking place in either Iten, Karatina or Lokichar, they can cover a wide range of topics such as personal development, gender based violence, parenting skills, stress and anger management, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, drug misuse, life skills, reproductive health, career and academic guidance and mental health awareness.  We have hosted 40 seminars since 2014 which have welcomed over 2,500 children and parents.

Finding funds to deliver seminars is one of our biggest challenges as a charity.  Costs range from £300 to £7,000 depending on the number of children/parents in attendance, location and number of days.  Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more or making a donation to make a seminar possible.

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