Psychosocial Support

At the end of 2020 we welcomed our first Counsellor onto the team thanks to a private grant which enabled us to pay for 6 months’ salary to get our program up and running. Serah Kimeu joined us at the start of 2022 to develop the initial counselling program into a psychosocial program.

Psychosocial support addresses a person’s emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs (psychological needs). The physiological needs (physical needs) of a person cannot be separated from the psychological needs.) . if the physiological needs are not met, there is likelihood that the psychological needs will not be met or will affect the extend which the psychological needs are met.

The main role of the designed psychosocial support program will be help the beneficiaries and their families maintain a good physical and mental health and provide important coping mechanism for them during difficulty situations.

Serah has been introduced to spend time with both the children and parents through:

•Individual talks with the children
•Individual talks with the guardians
•Career guidance
•Youth activities
•Home visits
•School visits

Previously we have held 16 seminars within Iten and Karatina on various topics such as Personal Development and Gender Based Violence. We plan to expand the number of seminars we hold and include mentorship programs for both guardians and the children. Topics we hope to cover for guardians include but not limited to; parenting skills, stress management, conflict resolution, anger management, entrepreneurship, drug abuse, mental health awareness and for the children we hope to include but not limited to; drug abuse, reproductive health, career guidance, academics guidance, life skills and mental health awareness.

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