Faith and Ann

Faith and Ann are young, happy and now carefree twins enjoying pre-school.  Despite the many challenges they have faced, Faith and Ann never stop smiling and laughing.

When we met them and their family they were living in some of the worst conditions we have seen. Their mum, Tabitha, worked on a coffee farm and was often taken advantage of because of her poverty.

In 2017, our volunteers built Faith, Ann and their family a new home in Kabaru, Kenya. Faith is now sponsored by Susie Sagalovitsch and Ann by Susan Hendry, Fiona Fraser and Susan Brown collectively.  All 4 of these ladies were involved in building the family’s home. We are so grateful to them for giving these hopeful young girls an even brighter future. Now that they are at school their dreams have grown. Faith wants to be a teacher and likes playing with dolls while Ann wants to be a doctor and likes making new friends – which she is very good at. The girls are also very good at singing together and have become treasured members of the GEF family, our very own James is now ‘Uncle James’

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