Food and Farming

Many of the children we support are cared for by single parents who work long hours on local farms only to receive the equivalent of £2 for their day of work.  This makes it extremely difficult for them to put food on the table and so we run the below programmes to ensure they are eating regular meals.

Monthly food support

We currently provide some families and children's homes with monthly food support.  They find themselves in a variety of challenging circumstances which result in monthly food support being required.  These are some of them below:

• Several of the families and Cheerful Children's Home care for children with disabilities; making it difficult for parents to earn a living

• A large number of families are impacted by HIV and so specific nutritious foods are provided to boost their immune systems

• There are children like Joseph and Angel who are often looked after by slightly older siblings as a result of their parents either having passed away or abandoning them

Our eat2feed restaurant initiative plays an important role in making this support possible, by providing food for a child in Kenya every time a customer enjoys a meal at one of our partner restaurants in the UK.  Inspired by 8848 Restaurant in Aberdeen, the initiative does this by an optional 50 pence being added to each customer's bill, with restaurants also match funding donations.

We would also be hugely grateful to any company or individual who can donate a £20 or £35 food package as a one-off or monthly.

Farming support

In many cases we also lease a plot of land and purchase seeds, fertiliser and other essentials for families to grow their own food.  We pay for the lease and supply seeds and fertiliser in year 1, whilst year 2 sees the family take over the lease and then in year 3 they purchase the seeds and fertiliser themselves.

Donations towards any of the below costs can make a huge difference.

Land lease 1 year £85 | Seeds & Fertiliser £65 | Land tiling, pest control & planting £65

eat2feed also plays an important role in enabling us to provide this support.

Please get in touch if you can help.


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