Faith and her mum were both born with a genetic condition which resulted in them having no hands or feet.  Despite the challenges her life comes with, Faith never allows her disability to stop her.  She always sprints over to visitors and greets them with a big hug and smile, enjoys playing football, writing and drawing and is position 1 in her class at a mainstream school.

Her mum, Felista, sets an amazing example for Faith.  She works tirelessly on her farm, carries 18 litre bottles of water on her head, cooks delicious food, chops fire wood and much more.  The pair previously lived in a small broken wooden house which leaked water in through the roof and walls during rainy weather.  Thanks to Faith’s sponsors Joanne and Andy and several other supporters, we have been able to build them a new home, purchase sheep, goats and chickens for them and also pay Faith’s school fees.  Recently, Felista used her own savings to tile their floors and purchase a small TV.  She is a shining example of what a bit of empowerment and support can do.  Faith dreams of becoming a teacher one day and with her determined spirit we have no doubt she will turn that dream into a reality.

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