Sponsor a child in Kenya

In Kenya when you sponsor a child, a little can go a long way.

£35 per month fully supports the education of a child.

Covering the cost of their primary, secondary and tertiary fees, uniform, shoes and books, means that the child you sponsor can attend school without fear of being sent home.

Alongside your sponsorship we provide the children with clothing, improve their living conditions and endeavour to set up or boost a business/farming project for their parent/guardian.

The friendships made through this scheme are life long and the change being made is tangible. You will get back more than you give!


Jon Millar, sponsor of Grace Nyakai

As a sponsor you can be in regular contact with the child you are sponsoring through letter writing and in some cases email, Facebook or WhatsApp, whilst you will also receive updates from ourselves on your child's progress as well as photos.

But most importantly for just £35 per month you can give a kid in Kenya a chance they might not otherwise have.

Currently seeking sponsorship.

Samuel, age 10

Can you help us stop Samuel being sent home from school due to a lack of fees? Samuel's mother, Hannah is a lone parent, financially struggling to get by day to day. Samuel and his siblings often go to school hungry which effects their concentration and long term development.  The family live together in a […]

Agnes, age 9

Agnes is in grade 2 at primary school and one of the best academically in her class. Even at a young age she has ambitions of becoming a doctor in the future. Agnes' dad passed away in 2015; the family have struggled to find stability since then, as their dad was the sole breadwinner. Their […]

Stephen, age 9

Stephen and his younger sister, Rachael, live with their mother in very poor conditions.  Their mother relies solely on casual work which doesn't cover the needs of the family.  Both children are often sent home due to lack of fees.  When our team visited the family recently Rachael had been sent home and was busy […]


Did you know your sponsorship value could be worth 25% more through UK Gift Aid? Meaning your donation of £35 could be worth an extra £8.75 per month which is £105 PER YEAR!  Whats more, this is at no extra cost to you. If you are a UK tax payer, for every £1 you give we can claim an extra 25p from HMRC through the Gift Aid scheme.

To make your donations go further, all you need to do is download and complete our Gift Aid form and return it info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org

Gift Aid Declaration Form - GEF

Sponsoring a child or young adult is easy & it’s very satisfying knowing our money goes a long way in Kenya – and you can rest assured that every penny goes towards worthy & genuine causes!


Jo Robertson

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