Sponsor a child in Kenya

In Kenya when you sponsor a child, a little can go a long way.

£35 per month fully supports the education of a child.

Covering the cost of primary, secondary and tertiary fees, uniform, shoes, school meals, stationery, books (and sanitary towels for girls) means that the child you sponsor can attend school without fear of being sent home.

Through separate donations and fundraising, alongside your sponsorship we strive to improve living conditions, provide food and farming support and give children and their families access to psychosocial support.

The friendships made through this scheme are life long and the change being made is tangible. You will get back more than you give!


Jon Millar, sponsor of Grace Nyakai

As a sponsor you can be in regular contact with the child you are sponsoring through letter writing and in some cases email, Facebook or WhatsApp, whilst you will also receive updates from ourselves on your child's progress as well as photos.

But most importantly for just £35 per month you can give a kid in Kenya a chance they might not otherwise have.

Currently seeking sponsorship.

Abigael K

Life has been tough for Abigael and her brother, Hilary, since their parents died. Abigael is looked after well by her grandmother and Hillary stays with a friend, but school fees are a huge challenge. Abigael is in Primary 5 but is regularly sent home from school due to a lack of fees. It is […]

Abigael W

Despite being regularly sent home from school due to a lack of fees, Abigael’s determination to do well at school and in life is not diminished. Sadly she and her two siblings lost their mum suddenly in 2023 and are now cared for by their grandmother. Their gran told us 'I decided to support these […]


Aryan currently lives with her 6 siblings and two parents in a small broken structure. Her parents work hard when jobs are available but at most they each earn £1.50 per day. This make it impossible to afford school fees and so the children are regularly sent home from school. They often go to sleep […]


Basil aspires to be like his own teachers in the future as he hopes to one day be a teacher too. He loves learning in primary school but being regularly being sent home to find school fees and lacking basic learning materials is putting his dream at risk. Basil's parents struggle to find permanent or […]

Brian N

Brian and his two siblings lost their dad in 2021 due to Covid. They are cared for by their mum but it has not been easy due to her poor health. When we first met the family, they were faced with a large sum of rent arrears and despite trying to find casual jobs, their […]


9 year old Ephantus and 9 other children live with their 74 year old grandmother Mary in desperate conditions. They sleep on the mud floor of house made from mud and sticks. The single parents of 6 of the children have sadly passed away while the others are not around. Mary hasn't given up on […]


Esther is in Primary 4 and is determined to become a nurse so that she can help people who are unwell. She and her parents live in a very challenging environment and struggle to survive. They eat and sleep in a small room made from mud and work opportunities are scarce. Now and again her […]

Joseph M

Joseph and his younger sister Teresa’s mum is unable to work and struggles to walk due to health complications following a snake bite. Their situation caught the attention of the local community when both children failed to start primary school. Living at home they were often sleeping hungry and attending school without any breakfast. They […]


Joy lives with her brothers, Brian and Anthony and their mum, Lucy in a small rental house. Sadly they lost their dad in 2021 due to Covid-19. Lucy is limited in the work she can do due to health challenges but she tries her best to find regular casual jobs. A long day of work […]


11 year old Judy dreams of becoming a Teacher but is regularly sent home from Primary 6 due to a lack of fees. Her parents struggle to support their children’s basic needs as neither of them have a regular income due to lack of available work in the area. They instead brew and sell illicit […]


Despite his young age, Kevin has had a very tough life. Following the death of his dad, his uncles behaved very badly towards Kevin, his siblings and their mum, resulting in the family having to move out. Their grandmother took them in but then sadly passed away and since then their mum has also faced […]


Lishan and her younger brother sadly became orphans in 2022 when their mother passed away due to a heart attack. They were taken in by their grandparents but sadly in their grandfather died in 2023, leaving their grandmother with sole responsibility for the children. Lishan’s grandmother is unable to work due to her elderly years […]


When we first met Magdaline and her twin brother, Peter, they were living under the care of their single father who has serious health issues. As a result of a stroke his sight and hearing were affected and as a result he struggled to find work. Regular hospital admissions not only put a huge financial […]


Peris lived with her parents and three siblings before they were rescued by the Pavilion Village children’s home. This was after the community realised their parents had separated and both left the children alone. After some months under the care of the home, their parents reconciled and returned home. Social services agreed that the children […]


Philomena and her four older siblings have lived with their grandmother since they lost their mum through a tragic road accident. They all depend on their grandmother's little income from casual jobs around the village. However, this work is not a reliable source of income which means at times the family go to sleep hungry […]


Samuel enjoys going to school when he has the opportunity, but lack of fees and books hinder him from attending consistently. Samuel lives in the Turkana region of Kenya, a very harsh environment due to extreme heat and regular droughts. From a young age he has been brought up by his single father who works […]

Griffine, age 7

Griffine’s teacher hopes that GEF can support him because she believes he has the potential to become a Doctor if he is able to attend school each day. Griffine lives with his parents and two siblings. Both parents are depend on seasonal, such as weeding and planting on other people’s farms, and as a result […]

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please send us your details and one of our team will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

    Sponsoring a child or young adult is easy & it’s very satisfying knowing our money goes a long way in Kenya – and you can rest assured that every penny goes towards worthy & genuine causes!


    Jo Robertson


    Did you know your sponsorship value could be worth 25% more through UK Gift Aid? Meaning your donation of £35 could be worth an extra £8.75 per month which is £105 PER YEAR!  Whats more, this is at no extra cost to you. If you are a UK tax payer, for every £1 you give we can claim an extra 25p from HMRC through the Gift Aid scheme.

    To make your donations go further, all you need to do is download and complete our Gift Aid form and return it info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org

    Gift Aid Declaration Form - GEF

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