Donate 50p to your meal at one of our partner restaurants and you'll be helping to feed families and educate children in Kenya.

Many of the children we support are cared for by single parents who work long hours on local farms only to receive the equivalent of £2 for their day of work.  This makes it extremely difficult for them to put food on the table and be able to afford the school fees of their children.

Funds raised through eat2feed go towards three key areas:

  • Leasing of land and purchase of seeds & fertiliser for families to grow their food
  • Providing monthly food support packages to families who find themselves in a variety of challenging situations
  • Paying children's school fees and meals at public schools

Inspired by 8848 Restaurant in Aberdeen, the initiative does this by an optional 50 pence being added to each customer's bill, with restaurants also match funding donations.

“We consider it a great honour to participate in this endeavour as part of our CSR. There is no better sensation than this. When we serve lunch or dinner here at 8848, the same number of people are receiving meals in the other half of the world, especially at this challenging time. We are grateful for our helpful workers, clients, and other stakeholders. While you are at work, we have a sense of accomplishment."

Krish Bhetuwal, 8848 Owner

If your establishment would like to find out more about getting involved with this initiative please get in touch.  Anyone wishing to make an additional donation can do so via the link below. Thank you!