We met Peter during our first visit to the Pavilion Village children’s home back in 2013.  He is a polite, personable and ambitious young man who thrived once he was able to attend primary and secondary without fear of being sent home due to a lack of fees.  We are grateful to his sponsor Jonathan Mann for making this possible.  Peter has since gone on to graduate from university with a degree in Criminology, is currently seeking employment and in the meantime is mentoring some of the younger children supported by GEF.

Upon his graduation  he sent this heart warming email to us:

“I am now through with my degree course, glory to God.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you Gideon and Myles and the foundation at large.  It has been five years since I came to know you guys and you have really changed my life, thank you.  Gideon, you are one of a kind who is always there for me and others and are always ready to assist whenever possible.  You gave us the challenge whilst we were in high school and you motivated us that you will fully support anyone who qualifies for University.  You did it bro, you have a special heart.  Myles, a cool special guy, very friendly and ready to talk and listen to everyone you come across.  You trained us to play FIFA on the PlayStation, though after some time I was winning all the games so you can’t play with me anymore because I must win haha.  I have been equipped ready to go to the job market but for now I am grateful and humbled by your generosity and love.  Thank you very much, I will always be available in case you need my assistance in any way within my ability.”

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