School Sponsorship twinning program

School Child Twinning Programme


We are proud to have linked over 1,000 British and Kenyan school children as part of our school child twinning programme 'Connecting Children, Creating Chances' which aims to provide the children with a better understanding and level of appreciation for what life is like for a child in the country of their partner school.

The programme aims to:

  • Offer the children of both countries a window to the world where they can learn more about a childhood, life and upbringing that is similar yet so very different from their own.
  • Lay the foundations of potential long term friendships between the children.
  • Encourage/introduce the children to fundraising to help a child in need living in another part of the world.

What's involved?

  • Your school or class will be linked with a child in Kenya as a pen pal.  They can share photos and write back and fore throughout the year.
  • Letters can include topics such as culture, water, animals, healthcare, food, language, home, sports, hobbies, homework, water, cooking, playground and family.
  • We kindly request that schools fundraise what they can for GEF during each year they are involved with the programme.  We will provide a transparent and clear demonstration of the ground level impact your support enables us to achieve.

Our current Year 6 class are now in their second year of supporting GEF. The children really enjoy coming up with ways to fundraise each term and always find a way to get staff involved too.


At St Peter’s, we always have a theme for each term. Recently, we had the theme, ‘let no one enter your world without leaving it better and happier.’ Although our children’s and those of GEF’ worlds don’t literally meet, through letters and fundraising efforts,  they do.


When the children hear about and see photos of the projects that the money they have raised has gone towards, they feel pride and it makes it more real for them; they are helping others. We are looking forward to continuing our link and supporting the amazing work of GEF.


Ashleigh, St Peters School, Bolton

I've really loved exchanging letters with Daniel and Daisy and I can't wait to hear from them again. I've always got so many questions!


Freya, Hazlehead Primary student, Scotland

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