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Welcome to Gathimba Edwards Foundation where we give kids in Kenya a chance in life.


My name is Myles and this is our story

I never set out in life with the goal of setting up a charity Read more…


Asante sana
Thanks very much

Video: Giving kids in Kenya a chance

Thanks to Creative Video Scotland for sponsoring the production of this video for us

Kenya 22 poster

Kenya 22 Trip: March 2016

Be one of the Kenya 22.

Each March, this unique opportunity offers you the trip of a lifetime that includes taking part in a race alongside Kenyan athletes either by yourself or as part of a team, meeting world famous Kenyan athletes, going on a safari and also the chance to visit the various children and projects we are supporting through the foundation.

Read more…

GEF Bracelet Sheri 2

Buy a bracelet and support us

One bracelet at £10 pays for the tuition fees of a child in Kenya for a whole year and helps raise awareness of the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.

Each one of our beaded bracelets are hand-made in Kenya with the profits going towards the disadvantaged children and projects we are supporting.  Read more…

sponsor a child graphic-01

Sponsor a Child

In Kenya a little can go a long way. £35 per month totally covers the cost of the education, food, clothing and shelter of one of the children we are helping.

“The friendships made through this scheme are life long and the change being made is tangible. You will get back more than you give!”  Jon Millar, sponsor of Grace Nyakai

Read more…


My name is Gideon and this is our story

I was not lucky to be brought up in a well off family and during my early years my parents could not afford two meals in a day. Read more…


Volunteer Trip October 2016

Lay the foundations to a brighter future for our kids in October 2016. Read more…

Monica and Kevin

12 Days 12 Futures

In the 12 days leading up to Christmas 2015 we shared some powerful words from these 12 wonderful children in the hope that we could find sponsors for them.

Read more…

1st visit to Pavilion Village 2013.

Pavilion Village Children’s Home…our first project

We’ll never forget our first visit to Pavilion Village Children’s Home. It was where we met  Read more…

Gathimba Edwards Foundation dinner: Sat 18th Feb 2017

We are delighted to announce that tickets are now on sale for our second Gathimba Edwards Foundation dinner in support of disadvantaged children in Kenya.  The event will take place on Saturday 18th February 2017 at Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen.

Guest speakers will be former world marathon record holder, Olympic medallist, New York, London and Berlin marathon champion, Wilson Kipsang and Enock Kirop, an inspirational 17 year old who has benefited from the Foundation’s support and also runs our bracelet operations in Kenya.  Former world 5,000m record holder Dave Moorcroft will be in attendance again, this time as compere of the evening’s proceedings.  With Wilson Kipsang, Gideon Gathimba and Dave Moorcroft attending, there will be three former world record holders present at the event as well as GEF’s Peter Githingi who has helped over 1,000 children through his work with street children, Scouts and the Chaka Youth Football Project in Kenya.

There will be a welcome drink and African entertainment on arrival at the event followed by a delicious 3 course meal, raffle and auction full of unique prizes.  The Neil Jaffrey Award will be presented to a local child in need and there will be music from Scottish band Mustang. Timings are still to be confirmed.

Tickets are £85 and tables of 12 are £950.  Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship packages are available at £500, £350 and £200 respectively. Please email
myles@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org for payment details and any further information.  We recommend that those who would like to attend, please book your tickets or tables early to avoid disappointment as the 2015 event sold out quickly.

Your incredible support in 2015 raised £42,000 for our kids and projects in Kenya.  This has not only enabled us to increase the number of children we support from 167 to 230 but has also allowed us to improve the support we offer to them all.  Every child is now sleeping on a newly-built bed with comfortable mattress, blankets and bedding – many of these children were sleeping on mud floors not so long ago.  230 children are now in full time education, 12 of them have completed secondary school and are now in either college or university.  We have connected over 1,000 children through our school twinning programme.  Your support has enabled us to invest in businesses and farming for several families to help them become more self sufficient.  It has also allowed us to run a series of seminars advising families on a wide range of topics from managing finances, investment, self esteem, gender equality and sexual health.  We also have our own holiday projects nurturing talents in education, football and athletics.  Since we began in May 2014, we have been able to build new homes for 35 children and by October 2016 that number will have increased to 67 thanks to our volunteer builders.  For more information on the trip please click here – www.gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org/volunteer-building-trip.

Matthew James Dyer, who received the Neil Jaffrey Award in 2015, is doing well and enjoying his therapy at the Craighalbert Centre thanks to your support.  He is also starting to train on an Eye Gaze computer system which in time will enable him to communicate with his loved ones for the first time.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making all of this possible.

We would really appreciate if anyone can donate prizes for our raffle, silent auction or live auction – there is no way we could have achieved what we did in 2015 without your kind and generous donations of prizes.
On Sunday 19th February there will be coaching sessions and a seminar available for adults and children with Wilson Kipsang and Gideon Gathimba at Aberdeen Sports Village.  Full details will be announced in due course.

Thank you so much for your life-changing support and we hope to see you at Ardoe House next year.

Myles Edwards and Gideon Gathimba.


Race night – 18th June 2016

Kindly organised by Colin Cross of CMC Decorators, our first ever race night will take place from 7.30pm to midnight on Saturday 18th June 2016 at the Copthorne Hotel in Aberdeen.

Horses are £5 and there are 8 horses per race. To sponsor a race it is £50 and there will be 8 races.

Raffle prizes would also be greatly appreciated.

To book your place or for more info please email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org

Ceilidh – 25th June 2016

Our first ever ceilidh with live Scottish music and dancing will attempt to raise £2,500 to build a new house for the family of Grace Nyakai in Kenya.

It will take place from 7.30pm to 11pm on Saturday 25th June at Midmar Village Hall, Aberdeenshire. Tickets are £10, there will be fun fundraising activities as well as stovies for dinner. Huge thanks to the Millar family for organising this exciting event that has the potential to make a life changing difference to this wonderful family.  To order your ticket please email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org

If you would like to make a donation towards the new house, you can do so here:


Nov 2015

Feb 2016

George Mwangi

Born in 1995, George Mwangi has lived with his brothers and sisters at the Pavilion Village children’s home in Karatina since it opened in 2006. Read more…

Feb 2016

Joy Gicheru

Joy Gicheru was born in 2004 and lives in Pavilion Village, Karatina, Kenya. Joy loves to dance and sing and hopes someday to join the nursing profession. Read more…

Feb 2016

Shalom Murage

If you’re ready for some fun and games then meet Shalom Murage who also has a sure fire passion for singing.

Born in 2007, Shalom is the joker of the Pavilion Village children’s home – always enjoying playing pranks on Myles and the other children. He really likes playing in the garden and watching action movies with the TV on full volume! Shalom dreams one day of becoming a Policeman and with kind sponsorship from Wendy Wilkie and her family we hope that one day his dream will become a reality.

To find out more about sponsoring one of our other kids, please click here.

Feb 2016

Eliud Mugoya

Eliud, better known as Wiz was born in 1995 and is one of the older boys at the Pavilion Village children’s home in Karatina. Read more…


Vincent Karanja

Vincent Karanja Wanjiru was born in 2001 and lives at the Pavilion Village children’s home. His mum Rose Wanjiru also stays at the home as she is employed to support Mama Agnes with cooking, cleaning and various other important activities. Read more…

Dadson Ngatia 17

Dadson Ngatia

Dadson was born in 1997 and joined the Pavilion Village children’s home in 2006 along with his sister Catherine. His parents sadly died when they were very young. Read more…

Issues surrounding clothing donations to developing countries

Although we would love to take clothes and shoes etc out to Kenya for our kids, the below information explains how it doesn’t help developing countries thrive.

Read more…


GEF Christmas Cards

Our unique Gathimba Edwards Foundation Christmas cards tells the story of 6 different children we are supporting in Kenya.  At £5, each pack of 6 pays for the breakfast, lunch and dinner of a child in Kenya for a whole week.

To order please email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org

Myles and Neil

Neil Jaffrey Award & #CyclingForMJ

Sadly in 2014 the Gathimba Edwards foundation lost one of our most loyal supporters. Neil Jaffrey was tragically killed when cycling along Anderson Drive in Aberdeen on the 7th of September. Neil, more commonly known as ‘Eddie’, really was one of a kind. He had a unique ability to take an interest in everyone he met and help them wherever possible.  Read more…

schools initiative graphic-01

School Twinning Programme

We are proud to have linked over 1,000 Scottish and Kenyan school children as part of our school twinning programme ‘Connecting Children, Creating Chances’ which aims to provide the children with a better understanding and level of appreciation for what life is like for a child in the country of their partner school. Read more…

GEF Charity Dinner

£42,000 raised at our charity dinner in 2015

Thank you to everybody that attended, donated prizes and helped out at our inaugural charity dinner.

Read more…

Running Picture

Run for GEF

Why not register now to run, jog or walk events in support of the Gathimba Edwards Foundation? Read more…

Night 2

Naita Lagat

Naita is 17 years old and the sister of Viki.  Night was unable to afford various parts of her primary school education so did not complete Standard 8 (Primary 7) until she was 16.   Read more…

Nov 2015

Victor Kipsang

We are proud to have been supporting Victor Kipsang since our first trip to Kenya in 2011, long before GEF was formed.  Due to a lack of tuition fees, he is several years behind the school year he should be.  Kipsang is a shining example of what can be achieved in adversity.

Read more…

June 2015

Mary Wachera

Mary Wachira was sadly paralysed as a result of meningitis at the age of 2 weeks old and also suffers from cerebral palsy.  There was not the necessary medical care available to prevent this from happening.   Read more…


Kevin ‘Monster’ Ekele

This is 12 year old Kevin ‘Monster’ Ekele. When we first met Kevin in 2012 he was rarely in school due to lack of fees, eating 1 meal per day and wearing torn clothes. Read more…

Dan, Viki, Anthony, Kevin, Titus, Roy (top left to right and bottom left to right)

Kit for Kenya arrives

Some of the Iten boys sporting some cool gear thanks to Kit for Kenya. Read more…


Dan Ekele

This is Dan.  He was born in Iten in the year 2000 and is a lover of football – in particular Manchester City.  Dan’s ambition is to become an engineer when he is older.   Read more…


Titus Ekele

Titus is one of the children who regularly comes to Gathimba Edwards headquarters in Iten to play Temple Run and watch movies.

Read more…

Feb 2016

James Mangara

Meet James Mangara. James is a millennium baby and arrived at the Pavilion Village in 2014. His biological parents were sadly unable to look after him or afford his food and education due to them both suffering from mental illness which prevents them from working.

Read more…

bulls for schools v2 graphic-01

Bulls for Schools

We are delighted to announce an exciting new initiative which will sustainably support 10 families and ensure 83 children in the Kitale region of Kenya are able to afford school fees.

Read more…


Neema Ekele

Neema Ekele was born in 2007 and would like to be a lawyer when she grows up.

Read more…


Iten Kids

The town of Iten is world renowned for it’s athletic success. In 2011, Read more…


Daniel Lilande Sagida

As a result of contracting meningitis at 2 months old and not being able to afford the necessary medical care, Daniel Lilande Sagida has lived almost his whole life paralysed from the neck down. He can see and hear but is unable to speak due to his condition. Read more…


Chaka Youth Football Project

uses football as a vehicle to encourage children into school and away from the drug and gang culture of the local area.

Read more…


Small things can sometimes make the most difference

Read more…

Judy happy with new home

Judy Gathigia

We first saw Judy hopping around with a broken foot during a visit to the Chaka Youth Football Project in 2013. Read more…


Fredrick Mbuthia

Fredrick is one of the 23 children we are supporting at the Pavilion Village children’s home in Karatina. Read more…


Catherine Kagure

Catherine’s ambition is to one day become a pilot.

Read more…

Viki Ewoi sky is the limit

Victor Ewoi

Viki is one of the real characters of the children we are supporting in Iten. He was born in June 2000 and is currently in his final year of primary school at Iten Primary where his favourite subject is science.

Read more…

Large logo

Principal Sponsor

prosource.it support a large percentage of the salary costs for our team of 5 staff, 4 of which are in Kenya and 1 in the UK. Their generosity has not only supported numerous children, installed electricity at the Pavilion Village children’s home but has allowed the foundation to go from strength to strength and support even more projects.

“We at Prosource.it are proud to be the principal sponsor of the Gathimba Edwards Foundation and delighted to extend our relationship with its Founder, Myles Edwards whose passion and enthusiasm has already made a huge difference to many children in Kenya.

“Prosource.it operates a culture of empowerment and this culture is mirrored in the work of the Gathimba Edwards Foundation, which aims to empower those least enabled to help themselves. The Foundation’s main beneficiaries are those people with no safety net and nowhere to turn and it aims to equip them with the basic requirements of life and offer them the opportunity to have and to craft a brighter future.

Giving a hand up to some of the most disadvantaged youngsters, the Gathimba Edwards Foundation’s work makes a real difference at the individual level and literally gives its beneficiaries the opportunity to help themselves.

Prosource.it is inspired by the work being done and wishes the Foundation every success in its efforts to make a difference to the lives of those less privileged.”

Steve Mackie, Director.


(Stewart Proctor, Myles Edwards, Alan Cowie, Steve Mackie)

Prosource IT
Hilldowntree Business Centre
Banchory Devenick
Aberdeen, AB12 5YL

E: aberdeen@prosource.it
T: +44-1224-877782
F: +44-1224-876643

Gladys Cheruiyot

Gladys Cheruiyot and family

Gladys Cheruiyot’s house was accidentally burned down. Her 6 children aged between 2 and 10 had to be separated amongst relatives and those of age have been unable to attend school due to lack of fees.  Thanks to the generosity of local businesswoman Judith MacDonald of Contempo Property, who donated an amazing £1800, Gladys and her family moved in to their newly build home in June 2015. Read more…