COVID-19 update

At the time of writing (31st August 2022) 338,000 people in Kenya have tested positive for Coronavirus and sadly 5,674 people have passed away.

Schools in Kenya were closed for the majority of 2020 but reopened in January 2021. Many of the children we support rely on school meals and so during 2020 they were at home and families were struggling to put food on the table. Most of the parents/guardians we support depend on casual work, which is typically on a local farm earning £1.50 – £2 per day. The COVID-19 situation also meant that less of this work was available, leaving many families with no source of income.

Thanks to the support of donors, GEF Globe Run participants and monthly child sponsors we were able to provide 80 families with a total of 8,946 days worth of food and essential items up to the end of October 2020. We did this by remotely placing orders at small shops across the country, paying electronically via Mpesa and asking one person from each family to collect the items. Items included rice, beans, maize, vegetables, sugar, tea leaves, cooking oil, cereal, flour, soap and hand wash and also seeds and fertiliser for growing food.

With educational institutions open again, things in Kenya are back to normality, however, the vaccination roll out is still in its early stages with 17% of the 55m population being fully vaccinated.