Brian N

Brian and his two siblings lost their dad in 2021 due to Covid. They are cared for by their mum but it has not been easy due to her poor health. When we first met the family, they were faced with a large sum of rent arrears and despite trying to find casual jobs, their mum was constantly struggling to support her children. In the past they have been evicted from a previous house due to rent arrears and they worry this will happen again.

Brian is sometimes able to attend Primary 7 but lacks uniform, books and other basic necessities to enable him to fully concentrate at school. Being regularly sent home worries him a lot.

By sponsoring Brian’s education for £35 per month, you will be giving him the chance to attend and complete primary, secondary and tertiary education. 100% of your support will go towards his public-school fees, uniform, shoes, books, school meals and stationery.

You will receive an end of year school performance and general update along with a photo from us and have the chance to meet him should you come on one of our Kenya Adventure (next one 2025) or House Building (next one 2026) trips to Kenya.

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