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Rahab, age 5

Rahab stays with her mother and siblings Derek and Alex in Karatina.  Until recently they were living in desperate conditions but we are delighted to say that they are now living in a newly built GEF house.  However, times are still hard for the family when it comes to trying to afford education fees.  Rahab is currently attending nursery school but is regularly sent home due to a lack of fees.  Her mother worries that she will not be able to start primary school next year due to the financial strain from catering for Derek's primary education and Alex's college course.

Prior to their relocation they lived in a rented house where they paid the equivalent of £5 per month.  When we paid a visit to their home, they had only 1 bed where the mother and two younger children slept, while Alex took refuge with a relative.  Their mother was notably stressed and anxious about their situation however the relocation to a new GEF house has meant a great transformation for the whole family.

Your support towards Rahab’s education will give her the chance of a bright future.

If you or your company are in a position to sponsor Rahab's education at £35 each month, we'd be really grateful if you could email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org to find out more.

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