Angeline, age 7

Angeline is in class 2 at primary school. She lives with her mother and 4 siblings. Their father sadly passed away from Leukemia and since then it has been a real struggle for the family, because he was the main earner.  Since then, their standards of living have changed as the mother has no formal job and relies on casual jobs which pay less than the equivalent of £2 a day.  She is finding it impossible to provide her kids with everything they need.  We would love to help Angeline get a regular sponsor, to enable her to stay in school full time without disruption.

By sponsoring Angeline's education for £35 per month, you will be helping her to complete primary, secondary and tertiary education. Your support will pay for her school fees, uniform, shoes, books, school meals, stationery and sanitary towels when these are required.  You can be in regular letter writing contact with her and will receive an end of year school performance update from us. We would also make sure that you meet each other should you come on one of our trips to Kenya we organise.

Please email if you are able to support Angeline's education.

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