Samuel, age 10

Can you help us stop Samuel being sent home from school due to a lack of fees?

Samuel's mother, Hannah is a lone parent, financially struggling to get by day to day. Samuel and his siblings often go to school hungry which effects their concentration and long term development.  The family live together in a rented single room and making the payments for each month is extremely difficult because Hannah has no permanent job.  She relies on casual work, earning £2 per day if she can find the work.  This has not been easy given the current Covid-19 restrictions.  Samuel's older sister, who is currently in form 2 of secondary school helps the family by taking on casual jobs where possible to help pay her own school fees and support the family.

Thanks to a recent fundraiser we were able to gift Samuel's family with beds, furniture and a months supply of food support. With the support of a monthly sponsor, we would be able to ensure that Samuel continues class 1 of primary school and is not sent home, is provided with books, uniform and shoes and has the chance to go on to secondary and tertiary education.

If you are interested in sponsoring Samuel please get in touch today.

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