Janet Jepkemboi (Social Worker)

“I was born and raised in the slopes of the North Rift Valley in in a small village called Kapsisywa in Nandi County which is famous for the G.O.A.T runner Eliud Kipchoge hailing from. I grew up and went to school with no struggle on the school fee front as my parents were able to work hard to ensure that we were all in school. My education ran smoothly in that no day I would be sent home for school fees and I thank GOD for that.

I managed to pursue my career and that was the greatest desire my parents wanted for me. Our County is fertile and rainy throughout the year and so on that note food was not a problem. My parents liked farming and that’s what catered for the school fees of my siblings and I.

During my childhood days I could see my neighbors children struggling to go to school because their parents could not raise the money and it really pained me. Them getting food was also a problem but my parents were generous enough and we shared meals with them. During those days I wished someone would come to their aid but there was no one. Harambees [Fundraisers] could be conducted to raise school fees and I remember I could just take anything to sell during the fundraising as I didn’t have money because I was still a small little girl. Up to date I contribute in raising school fees for children who are struggling. My parents too do their best to contribute to such issues of school fees raising and that’s my happiness always.

My passion of being a social worker started while I was young as I liked helping the needy in society – that gives me peace and joy in my heart. Working with families and children was what I really wanted to do as my future. Thanks to GEF for the opportunity you gave to me to practice my career. Actually social work is a calling. It needs passion, empathy, a non judgmental nature, patience, humility, competence, confidentiality and good listening to the client. With all of these one is good to help solve a problem and help families maintain a good physical and mental health by providing them with coping mechanisms for difficult situations.

Working with GEF is the best way I can utilise the skills and knowledge I have acquired from my profession as a social worker. Spending time by listening to someone in need of counselling are my happiest moments because after listening to him or her during a counselling session gives them relief on their hearts and that’s always what makes me happy. Last but not least I want to thank GEF for changing lives and bringing impact to those who are vulnerable in the society. Through education and other areas we are giving kids in Kenya a chance.”

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