Food support

Monthly food support

We currently strive to provide specific families and a children’s home with monthly food support. There are a variety of challenging circumstances which these families find themselves in that means monthly food support is required. These are so of them below:

• Several of the families and Cheerful Children’s Home care for children with disabilities, making it challenging for parents to earn a living

• A large number of families are impacted by HIV and so specific nutritious foods are provided to boost their immune systems

• There are children like Joseph and Angel who are often looked after by slightly older siblings as a result of their parents either having passed away or abandoning them

We would be hugely grateful to any company or individual who can sponsor a £20 or £35 food package each month.

Please get in touch if you can help.

Farming support

We offer the leasing of land and purchase of seeds & fertiliser for families to grow their own food.

GEF pay for the lease and supply seeds and fertiliser in year 1, whilst year 2 sees the family take over the lease and in year 3 they also purchase the seeds and fertiliser themselves. This service is given to every family who moves into a GEF build house as well as select other cases.

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