Adventure trip 2018 review

The team raised an incredible £14,121 which enabled us to do the following:

1. A contribution to the operation (and after care) to fix Daniel’s broken arm that he had lived with for 6 years. His arm is now functional and we have been able to provide he and his 6 kids with a house help for 6 months as his arm gets stronger.

2. A contribution to the new home for Ascar and Emmanuel who previously lived in desperate conditions, sleeping on a mud floor.

3. A contribution to the new home for Gladys and her 9 children who previously lived in the house with no walls contribution.

4. One year of counselling services for our kids.

5. Food and transport for 100 GEF kids to attend our Mount Kenya Marvellous Road Races last month.

6. 12 months of maize flour for Cheerful Children’s Home for special needs children.

7. 2 year’s salary for a new GEF employee.

8. Football equipment for our Chaka FC Youth Team.

9. GEF Karatina office rent for 3 years.

10. 3 day academic clinic April for our Form 2 & 3 students.

11. Seminar for teachers on improved ways to motivate and discipline students.

Here's what Claire had to say about the experience:

''I have always known how important GEF's work is but seeing it in person puts a whole new perspective on it.  I really loved how many families we were able to meet. I can't believe how many amazing experiences were planned into the 2 weeks: teaching in a primary school, visiting children's homes, reaching the summit of Mount Kenya, having lunch at the homes of professional athletes...the list goes on!  I felt safe and well looked after at all times and would recommend this experience to everyone.''



We would like to thank Global SCS who generously sponsored the t-shirts for the trip.

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