Adventure trip 2015 review

We would like to say the biggest thank you to our 2015 Kenya 22 family which raised over £12,500 for the children we are supporting in Kenya.

The team of 15 were great fun and it was a huge pleasure to spend 12 days with them visiting children, meeting world famous athletes, going on safari and running the Rift Valley Marathon. It was truly humbling how they embraced the trip and supported the various children we met. We look forward to seeing you all in Kenya again very soon.


"The trip for me is so hard to describe through words! It was utterly inspirational and humbling to visit the Pavilion Village. I was in awe with the humility of all the children and young people. The sense of pride, ownership and family connection was overwhelming.
I actually stayed at Pavilion Village and embraced the life there. The resilience and sheer robustness of the children was quite amazing! Visiting the homes of children made me realize how not only lucky we are in the UK but also how materialistic and stimulated we are by unnecessary nonsense. Kenya was so beautiful - the lushness of the country was incredible. The sun rises and sunsets was stunning!"
Ali Mathers

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