Vivian age 6

*We owe a big thank you to David who is kindly going to be sponsoring Vivian through her education.*

Vivian's mum sadly passed away in 2019 as result of kidney failure. She left behind Vivian and her 4 siblings. As there is no adult to look after them it is now up to Vivian’s 2 eldest siblings to care for the youngsters. They struggle a lot and rely heavily on food support from local church members who do their best; but often the family go for a full day without food. They are in desperate need of support.
We want to be able to transform the family’s situation by getting Vivian into nursery school where she will receive regular meals. We will also purchase nice uniform and shoes for her and provide her with all the books/stationery she needs. We will also be providing the family with food support and counselling services.
#12days12futures #Day5
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