Victor age 16

*Huge thanks to the Stone family whose sponsorship will see Victor back in school receiving the education he deserves.*

Victor has the grades capable of taking him to university but as it stands he will not be able to complete secondary due to a lack of fees.
He and his siblings are looked after well by their hard working mum but the family often go without food due to them prioritizing education and trying to keep the children in school. No child should have to choose between food and an education. Victor is regularly sent home due to his lack of school fees but continues to produce impressive marks despite his lack of time in class. The family recently received a donation of beds and sofas – neither of which they had slept of sat on before – and their reaction was truly incredible; full of tears of joy and disbelief. Each time our colleague David visits the family they express their gratitude for the donated items.
Despite his challenging circumstances, with sponsorship Victor has the chance of a very bright future. 
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