Risper age 13

*Thank you to Susan who has very kindly offered to sponsor Risper.*

Risper wants to change the world!

She has achieved excellent school grades despite regularly being sent home and having started her education late due to a lack of fees. Currently in her second from last year of primary school, she is very worried that her ambition of becoming a pilot and giving back to vulnerable people in society is going to be an impossible dream.

She lives with her caring and hardworking mum Nancy and 2 siblings. They tragically lost their dad Joseph in a road accident back in 2014. He was working as a matatu (public transport) driver when a truck collided with his vehicle, killing Joseph and all passengers on board. This most difficult period in their lives was compounded with things also getting harder financially as Joseph’s job was the main source of income to the family. Nancy works hard doing casual jobs when they are available, but the work is not guaranteed and only pays the equivalent of £2 per day. This makes it impossible for her to afford her children’s school fees on top of essential food.

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