Meet the team - Kevin

Kevin Mathenge (General Manager)

Kevin volunteered with GEF in 2017 and officially joined our team a year later having become an integral part of the charity during his volunteering period.  As General Manager his wide ranging role covers finance management, budgeting & forecasting, information management, admin, policy, school reports, liaising with supporters of the charity and much more.

I am an ICT, Statistician, Accountant and Data Analyst by profession. I come from the slopes of Mt Kenya and like watching & playing football, athletics and helping the needy.  I feel tears of deep joy when I see families, who previously felt they had no hope, smiling upon receiving GEF support. It is wonderful to see them have the chance of a bright future.

Having gone through a lot of challenges in my education and being brought up near a children’s home, I got a dream of one day helping the less fortunate in society.  One’s heart is not at peace until your friend is smiling.  Since I was in primary school I had always been inspired by volunteers especially who came from overseas just to help our less fortunate children.

It was always one of my biggest passions to work in a humanitarian organization and so to have this chance with GEF is a dream come true. Restoring hope to those who have lost it, dedicating your time and skills to bring a change to this world is all what is in me.

I am proud to be the General Manager of Gathimba Edwards Foundation, ensuring that we deliver the best support to as many children as possible. Huge thanks to my colleagues for the big support they gave me during my volunteering period prior to being employed by GEF. “The birds of the same feathers flock together, together we can make it to reach millions of families in future.”

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