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Kayleigh Paterson (Charity Development, Aberdeen)

Kayleigh Paterson joined our team as Charity Development Executive in August 2018. Kayleigh was invaluable volunteering 7 days a week for a few months on top of her previous role with a company next door to the GEF office in Aberdeen.

The full time role is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and sees Kayleigh assist with the development and coordination of funding and growth of the charity. The key emphasis is around being a point of contact for our volunteers, event coordination, admin support, researching funding opportunities through grants, trusts, major gift donors and corporate sponsors in order to support the delivery of our work.

Kayleigh, Andrew, Myles - Iten, Kenya meet the team

Kayleigh returned from 2 weeks in Kenya in 2018, before starting her role with us, where she and our other volunteers built 4 houses in 6 days. We feel that Kayleigh’s below message on return perfectly shows her passion for GEF:

Together, individuals make a collective, who in turn can end up being the light the world needs more of! Thank you GEF for everything you do in Kenya and the life changing experience you have let me be a part of.



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