Jonathan Moniatis (Video & Design)

My name is Jonathan Moniatis and I first met Myles in 2015 as I landed at Nairobi airport to participate in GEF's first ever Kenya 22 trip.


I was invited on the trip by my then girlfriend Stephanie, who was a friend of Myles' and she told me all about the foundation and their ambitions and dreams to give the kids in Kenya a better life. She was instantly inspired by meeting Myles in Aberdeen a few months before and shared that inspiration with me. I will be forever grateful to Stephanie for bringing GEF into my world.


To be part of that trip was an incredible experience and it opened my eyes to the amazing work the foundation is doing. Since that trip I have felt a special connection to the Kenyan people, in particular the children helped by GEF. On that trip I saw the most humbling of scenes as well as the most inspirational of scenes. It was a very special opportunity to be welcomed into the lives of the Kenyan people. I will never forget it.


At home, I am a video editor for BBC worldwide and due to this I have been able use my skills to assist the foundation with creating graphics, posters and videos to help promote and support the foundation. It's an absolute pleasure to be able to provide any help from back home in London and it's been a lot of fun working with someone as creative and passionate as Myles.


Since meeting in 2015, Myles and I have become great friends, with him occasionally staying with me in London when he's in town and he continues to inspire with his abilities as an athlete and his incredible passion to help the children of Kenya.


I returned to Kenya in October 2016 to join the volunteer team and help build 5 houses in 9 days. I couldn't have been happier to return to a place and to help the people that are now such a big part of my world.


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