Emmanuel age 8

*Thank you so much to Mark and his company seQuoyah who have kindly agreed to sponsor Emmanuel's education.*

Emmanuel simply wants to be in school regularly with his friends.
Life has been really hard for him and his siblings since their dad suffered a life altering accident and their mum abandoned them. Emmanuel’s dad previously earned a living working for Tullow Oil and in his spare time also worked on local farms to provide for his family. Sadly, an accident saw him fall from a tree, resulting in a broken spine and 5 years in hospital. He is now at home and reliant on a wheelchair to get around. Emmanuel tells us that his mum left because she couldn’t face any more of the poverty struggles they were facing.
We want to make life a little easier for the family whilst also giving Emmanuel the chance of the stable education he deserves; instead of being regularly sent home due to a lack of fees.
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