Drew Leitch in Kenya

Drew Leitch (Office Sponsor & Trustee)

I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively over the years – mainly through work related opportunities. Travelling is fantastic but you do see your fair share of inequality and poverty. For many years, my way of helping was to support the big charity fundraisers each year … but it all felt too detached / anonymous.  So it’s fair to say that by the time I first met Myles (January 2015) I was really interested to hear more about this small but growing charity founded by a young loon from Aberdeen and a St.Mirren supporting Kenyan international athlete.


That first meeting had quite an impact and I was keen to get more involved. A few months later, my wife (Helen) and I went along to a GEF Kenya Trip information evening and were both captivated by the opportunity to make a direct / hands on contribution. Step 1 was to get involved in the ‘Sponsor a Child’ scheme – we feel privileged to be supporting Ivy. Step 2 was to sign up to participate in the GEF Building trip in October 2015. I mentioned above that my previous charitable donations had felt detached but pleased to say that the October 2015 trip was a very hands dirty experience that will live in the memory for all the right reasons.


GEF is a great charity making a meaningful difference to those deserving a bit of help and encouragement. Feel free to get involved.


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