Meet the team - Kenya - David

David Sagida (Operations, Iten)

David is in charge of our operations in Iten and the surrounding areas.  He always has a big smile on his face building houses and when delivering materials balanced on his motorbike to the families we are supporting. His role also involves paying school fees for the children we support, coordinating our child sponsorship and school child twinning programmes and overseeing house building projects.

We are also proud to be supporting David’s 9 year old son Daniel who was sadly paralysed from the neck down at 2 months old due to meningitis.

I was born into a very poor family of ten children, in an area full of poverty.  My parents had severe alcohol problems and did not care about getting us an education. I started working for people when I was 10 years old to get food and clothes for myself. When I was 11 I decided to pay myself through primary school but it was on and off because of a lack of fees. I did not manage to complete my education.

Meet the team - Iten Kenya

In 2004 I decided to look for something to do outside my poor village and came to Iten to work as a house help. I worked very hard because I wanted to help my younger brother who is now a secondary teacher and also to change my life. My boss used to pay me the equivalent of £10 per month.  Life was very hard for me but I am now happy and grateful for what GEF have done for me and my family.  My son Daniel’s health is improving and my little girl Joy has a bright future full of opportunity. Thank you to all of you who are changing lives here in Kenya.  It is an honour to work for such a charity.

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