David age 10

*Thank you very much to John who has kindly offered to sponsor David each month.*
David’s house was burned to the ground and his family’s cows were stolen. This left him, his parents and siblings homeless until the local community rallied together to build them a small house. We were able to provide the family with beds, bedding and furniture but the kids are regularly out of school due to a lack of school fees.
Dairy farming had been David’s parents source of income and so putting food on the table has been a big struggle since they lost their cattle. They currently depend on well-wishers for food, clothing and school fees. David’s first uniform was kindly donated to him by one of his classmates.
We want to give David the stable education he deserves; instead of being regularly sent home. Sponsorship of £35 per month from an individual or company will ensure that David is in school wearing nice uniform and shoes, has all the books he needs and the chance to complete his education.
As his sponsor you will be in regular letter writing contact and receive an end of year school performance update from us. If you are interested in sponsoring David please email us for more information at info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org.
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