Dan Mulhare in Kenya

Dan Mulhare (Trustee)

My name is Dan Mulhare and I first met Myles while studying at Edinburgh Napier University in 2007.


We both share a love of athletics and it’s through athletics our friendship was born after we both competed on the same University Team.  After I graduated with a Masters in Civil Engineering in 2010 I decided that I wanted to give athletics a chance and what better place to live and train full time than Kenya.  I was looking forward to the trip but also wanted to share it with a good friend, so I asked Myles if he would join me to live and train in Iten.


After living in Iten for a few months we began to informally help local children with school fees. What started as a good will gesture might just have planted the seed for what Myles is currently undertaking with the G.E.F., so I’m delighted to say I had a small part to play in what is a wonderful charity.


I’m currently working and living in Glasgow, and offer up as much time as I can to help the foundation in any way I can, for example by volunteering to lead the annual house building trips and to source sponsorship and auction prizes for the charity dinner taking place every other year. The great and tireless work of Myles, Gideon and others involved in the foundation gives opportunities to children who had no one to help them and would have otherwise have led very different lives.


With so many different project and kids to help there is always room for additional volunteers, so if you feel like you can make a difference please get in touch.


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