Instead of buying Christmas cards, this year, why don’t you or your company donate the money you would have spent on buying Christmas cards and postage, and show that you care by making a donation to the Gathimba Edwards Foundation?


A donation of £11 could pay for a pair of shoes or trainers 

A donation of £30 could pay for food for a month for a family of five

A donation of £50 could pay for a plastic 1000 litre water tank for a family 

A donation of £70 could pay for a bunkbed, two mattresses and blankets 


In return for your donation, we will provide you with an official GEF Christmas eMessage confirming you have made a donation. You can share this with your friends, family and business associates.

To make a donation to the Kids not Cards campaign simply make your desired payment to the Gathimba Edwards Foundation bank account; Bank of Scotland Account number: 12495163 – Sort code: 802260, then email us on to confirm the amount and we will send our thank you emessage across t you.

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