Chimp Management (Corporate Sponsor)

Keen to support charities, Professor Steve Peters and Chimp Management Ltd first offered their support to us in early 2016.  The chance to build houses in rural Kenya for families in need, proved to be an exceptionally popular opportunity amongst the team of mentors. The selection process was decided by competitive application and after much deliberation Laura Fishenden and Jess Thom were selected to represent Chimp Management Ltd that year. Chimp Management Ltd pledged £2,000 to cover their flights and accommodation with the proviso that Laura and Jess ran their own fundraising campaigns. Their efforts were exceptional, with Jess and Laura exceeding their £500 target, by raising a combined total of £1211. This pot of money was a significant contribution towards building materials for the project.

Since 2016 Chimp Management Ltd continue to contribute various donations in the effects to help families in need in Kenya.  In July 2018 another representative of their team, Adam Wright, will be travelling to Kenya to take part in our next Volunteer Build Trip.

Fundamental to how Chimp Management work as a team is their individual and collective desire to help others be the best they can be in their life or chosen field. They each believe that life is for living, and by living, they mean living fully with confidence, happiness and great success!

The team comprises a small number of skilled and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists who have worked with the Chimp Model* for a number of years with notable success in health, business and Olympic sport.  As a team they have positioned their selves as Mentors in order to work collaboratively with clients who they term as students. Chimp Management believe that at the core of their approach is a skill which is a skill for life, and are continually learning how to develop and refine this skill. In addition, nothing in life stays the same and as we navigate through life, working with the machine in our heads will require different emphasises in order to support our psychological fitness, happiness and success.

*The Chimp Model is a Model for understanding and managing the functioning of the mind.  It is not a hypothesis nor strict scientific fact, but based on the neuroscience of the brain.  It is fun to use to gain insight about yourself and others, but meant to be taken seriously when it comes to applying it to real life.


Chimp Management Ltd have an upcoming Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing conference in May 2018.  This conference is for individuals and organisations that wish to gain insight into the area of mental health and psychological wellbeing. It will be an informative and practical conference covering areas such as mental illness, psychological wellbeing, stress management, supporting or coaching others and development of the mind. The conference will address practical measures that can be taken to maintain psychological wellbeing.
For more information please visit their website
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