Caroline McAllister (Business Support, Aberdeen)

It all started with a dog walk……

Out dog walking with a friend (also a friend of Myles), I mentioned that it would be great if I could find a part time admin job that I could do from home with flexible working hours.  A short time later I was introduced to Myles and there my journey with GEF began!

Where I began…..

My working career started off with some small office admin jobs until, at the age of 20, I followed my dream of becoming Cabin Crew, something I had wanted to do since the age of 6.  I worked for British Airways for 12 years, climbing my way up the ladder to become a Cabin Crew Trainer.  It was the best job ever and I absolutely loved it.

Having good organisation and people skills I then became an Office Manager/Personal Assistant for a couple of international financial companies, where I learned further knowledge of office life for the next 18 years.

Since the beginning of 2021 I joined the admin team at a private physiotherapy practice on a part time basis.  I mainly work in reception dealing with all patient requirements and I thoroughly enjoy the rapport I have with them.

And then came GEF…..

As with anything new, it was a bit daunting learning everything remotely, but I was made to feel so welcome and part of the team right from day one.  The tasks that I have are quite varied and nothing is the same from one day to the next which keeps things interesting.  Being able to do all this work from home, as and when required, fits in perfectly with my life too.

The charity does fantastic work, they are an amazing bunch, and I feel privileged to be part of their team.

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