Angel age 4

*We are delighted to say that a kind family have signed up to sponsor Angel. She will now get the support she needs and start attending school.*

Angel is a fascinating and kind little girl who has been blind since birth. She has heightened abilities for someone so young when it comes to hearing, speaking and memorizing and she regularly tells our colleague David and friend Anke that she is desperate to go to school. Her wonderful spirit and personality shines through to everyone she meets. With the support of a sponsor, four year old Angel will start learning at a specialist school and also be able to get the medical attention/assessments she needs.

She lives in a small shed with her mum and due to the lack of space it means that her siblings live in a similar building with their grandmother. We would love to improve their living conditions so that life can be a little more comfortable for them.

#12days12futures #Day1

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