Sponsor a child Kenya

Vivian, age 11

Can you help us stop Vivian being sent home from school due to a lack of fees?

Vivian's father, Nelson was previously a driver for an oil company and worked on local farms to earn extra money to support his family. Sadly an accident saw him fall from a tree, break his spine and left him in hospital for 5 years. He is now home but reliant on a wheelchair for every day life.

Vivian is currently in class 6 of primary school. She tells us that she hopes one day to support her family with a farm of their own once she finishes school.

Thanks to donations at Christmas time we were able to pay Vivian's school fees for the start of 2021, along with the fees of 5 other children on our waiting list for support. With the support of a monthly sponsor, we would be able to ensure that Vivian is not sent home from school, is provided with books, uniform and shoes and has the chance to go on to secondary and tertiary education.

If you are interested in sponsoring Vivian please get in touch today.

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