Sponsor a child

Salome, age 6

Salome and his family are in a desperate situation after their house was burnt to the ground and their cows were stolen. They had previously lived in a semi-permanent house, owned herds of cattle and farmed the land to provide themselves with food.

We would love to find sponsors for Salome and his brother, David, so they can attend school without the fear of being sent home and to ease pressure on the family at this stressful time.

Salome recently joined nursery school thanks to one-off donations from two donors to support the family until we find a long term solution.  His brother David is currently in Primary one thanks to the school allowing him to attend until the family find a way to pay his fees. His uniform was kindly donated by his classmates parents.

Salome, his 4 siblings and parents are currently staying in a cramped one bedroom house, until recently were sharing a single bed and have no other furniture or toilet facilities. Thanks to the above donations we were also able to provided the family with three beds but they depend on the local community's generosity for food, and clothing. Their father is unable to work due to ill health and so they are relying on the very low income their mother takes in when causal work is available on local farms.

With the support of two monthly sponsors we will ensure that the boys are not sent home from school and are provided with books, uniform and shoes. If you are interested in sponsoring Salome or David please get in touch today to find out more about helping this wonderful family.

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