Ann, age 8

Ann is in grade 3 at primary school and has ambitions of becoming a teacher. However, she fears her dream may not be achieved as her single mother struggles to pay for the educational needs of her children, with the little income earned from casual jobs.

After the children's father passed away in 2014 in a road accident in which the matatu (taxi van) he was driving collided with a truck, their mother, Nancy, has worked very hard to care for her family. This life changing event marked the beginning of their challenges at home.  Nancy's biggest worry is how her three girls will get a good education despite their outstanding performance in primary school. They lack the income to support school fees, uniform, and other school needs.

Nancy told our team, "I have knocked many offices seeking help without succeeding but I will never lose hope, my children's determination in school gives me hope for a brighter future".

We would love to find sponsors for Ann and her twin sisters, Risper and Ronah, so they can attend school without the fear of being sent home and to ease pressure on the family.  If you are interested in sponsoring Ann or one of her sister's please get in touch today to find out more about helping this hardworking family.

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