Agnes, age 9

Agnes is in grade 2 at primary school and one of the best academically in her class. Even at a young age she has ambitions of becoming a doctor in the future.

Agnes' dad passed away in 2015; the family have struggled to find stability since then, as their dad was the sole breadwinner. Their mother Joyce is not employed and depends on casual jobs, however due to a chronic illness her health often affects the workload she can take on.  She struggles to pay for the educational needs of her children, with the little income earned.

Local well-wishers have been incredibly encouraging towards the family and give them hope and guidance where possible.  The family rely greatly on these well-wishers for food sources and currently, the three children lack school fees, school uniform and the necessary books.

We would love to find sponsors for Agnes and her siblings, Ambrose and Marjior, so they can attend school without the fear of being sent home and to ease pressure on the family.  If you are interested in sponsoring Agnes or one of her siblings please get in touch today to find out more.

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