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Macous, age 8

Macous is in grade 3 at primary school. He lacks school fees, uniform and food. His teacher feels that he can perform well in school if he attended regularly and was in good health. Macous is still young, but at 8 years old, he has big ambitions and wants to be a teacher when he is older.

Last born in a family of 3; his older brother is no longer in school while is sister is her final year of primary.  They are being raised by their mother, who suffers from Arthritis which is challenging to live with, resulting in her not being able to work.  It has meant they have relied heavily on well-wishers for food and education.  Macous suffers from kidney issues and receives treatment to help manage the condition however at times it had ben a burden on the family to find the transport fees to get to the hospital.  There are many occasions when Macous and his sister walk to school on empty stomachs.

We would like to find Macous a sponsor to ensure he gets the education he deserves and in turn alleviate the pressures on the family as a whole.

If you or your company are in a position to sponsor Macous' school fees, uniform, shoes, books and stationery at £35 each month, we'd be really grateful if you could email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org to find out more.

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