Teddy, age 15

Teddy scored 401/500 marks in his recently completed Primary School exams. His teacher describes him as disciplined, humble and hand working. His dream to join a high school and one day become and engineer, through his hard work Teddy received an admission letter to join one of the top National schools in he country however due to lack of school fees he is worried he will not be able to attend like other children his age. 
Teddy recently lost his father after a short illness, he brought home the main income for the family. His mother, Beatrice, is reliant on part-time casual work and does not have a reliable source of income to pay school fees and fulfil other household requirements.  

Sponsorship of £35 per month from an individual or company will enable us to get Teddy into High school on a permanent basis  and purchase the uniform, shoes, books and stationery he needs.

As a sponsor you will be in regular letter writing contact and receive an end of year school performance update from us. If you are in a position to sponsor Teddy please email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org for more information.

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