Samuel, age 12

Samuel is in class 6 at primary school, unfortunately his teacher says he is struggling to keep up because he is often sent home due to lack of fees.  Despite that they say he is very hardworking, good in practical lessons and completes tasks ahead of his peers.

Samuel lost her mother leaving him and four siblings in the sole care of their father, who has no steady employment.  Their father is asthmatic and suffers from numerous allergies which limits his working capabilities because he is unable to be around such things as, paints, dust, or heavy duty chemicals.  The lack of a stable income raises the level of poverty for this family but their father believes if his children can receive an education they can climb out of poverty.

By sponsoring Samuel's education for £35 per month, you will be giving him the chance to attend and complete primary and secondary education. Your support will pay for his school fees, uniform, shoes, books, school meals and stationery. Each year you will receive communication from Samuel and a school performance update from us. We would also make sure that you meet each other should you come on one of our two trips to Kenya each year.

Please email if you are able to help Samuel.

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