Damaris, age 11

11 year old Damaris is in primary 4 and dreams one day of becoming a Doctor.  However, she worries that she might not get the chance to work for her dream due to regularly being sent home from school and missing important class time.

Her parents work hard to put food on the table and keep their children in school but their earnings are not enough to make it all possible.  They situation is desperate and they rely heavily on local well wishers and churches to provide them with basic needs.

By sponsoring Damaris’ education for £35 per month, you will be giving her the chance to attend primary 4 and complete primary, secondary and tertiary education. Your support will pay for her school fees, uniform, shoes, books, school meals, stationery and in future sanitary towels too. You can be in regular letter writing contact with her and will receive an end of year school performance update from us. We would also make sure that you meet each other should you come on one of our two trips to Kenya each year.

Please email info@gathimbaedwardsfoundation.org if you are able to give Damaris this chance.

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