GEF’s Journey to School fundraiser sponsored by The Life Coach

Some of the GEF children in Kenya walk 5km per day to get to school.  They walk through hilly terrain, unaccompanied and in all weather.  To put that into perspective that is 10km per day round trip or 50 km per week to receive an education.

Throughout August we are inviting adults and children to take their own personal journey in support of GEF and help us raise funds to supply children in need with school shoes, books, bags, uniform and sanitary towels.

Event sponsored by

The Life Coach

This challenge is yours so feel free to make it what you want, you could take on one of these suggestions or create your own:

Challenge Level 1 example
This could be done by the whole family and it is manageable.
- 4 x 10km
Children in Kenya sometimes will walk up to 10km in a day to get to and from school.
Do you think you could do this 4 times over the month of  August?

Challenge Level 2 example
- 10 x 10km - to signify a fortnight of school days

Challenge Level 3 example
- Walk 10km per day for 20 days to signify a month of school days
- Walk 50km in a week

Extreme Challenge example
- 22 x 10km
Do you have it takes to walk the same distance a Kenyan child walks to/from school in the month of August?
Over the next 5 weeks walk 10km every day Monday to Friday to cover the same distance as some of our GEF children.

We kindly recommend fundraising or a donation of £20 minimum for all participants.
It's really simple to join in:
1. Set up a fundraising page or donate £20 here with reference J2S
2. Email us at with a note of your fundraising page and postal address so we can send your rewards
3. Decide on your own personal challenge
4. Share your plan with your friends, family and colleagues
5. Take some selfies along the way and tag Gathimba Edwards Foundation on social media
You can download our posters and share your challenge selfies for fun!
1. I'm taking part in GEF's Journey to School poster
2. I took part in GEF's Journey to School and walked __km in August poster

Every person who enters will receive a certificate for their specific personal challenge and a GEF Journey to School bracelet.

A huge thank you to The Life Coach for sponsoring this event, his contribution allows us to offer the below prizes;
-  The top 3 adults who cover the most miles will receive a GEF buff and the top 3 adults who raise the most money will receive a personalised GEF t-shirt with their name on it.
- We will be offering a goodie bag to the top 3 kids who cover the most miles and raise the most money.

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